SOPA and PIPA: A slightly extremist Rant

How does this make America any better than communist states like China where parts of the internet are blocked? I’m glad to read that the Obama administration are wanting to put a stop the the proposals - at least they have an intelligent head in power now. 

These bills are just a way for the arts industries to get their own way over piracy and P2P sharing with things like torrents. But lets face it, if the films and music etc that we wanted to listen to/watch were more reasonably priced, I’m sure a lot of the piracy issues would be sorted fairly quickly. Okay, there would still be the few bad apples that spoil it for the bunch, but that is going to happen whatever.

All these bills are going to do (should they get accepted, which I sincerely hope they don’t) is cause uproar on the internet. As pointed out in this article, it gives opportunity to hackers to get around the ‘blocks’ that will be put up to re-direct to harmful things. 

I can imagine someone at the white house or some other high functioning building clicking one of these blocked links by accident and a virus spreading through the american defence system. Suddenly there are Nukes flying off in every direction because some people who already have a lot of money want some more.

Okay I do know that is an extreme scenario and that the white house will have the best protection computer programmers can offer, but still, the possibility is there. You cant just expect virus or worm protection to save you at all times. And just imagine, what if this did happen? Its not just America that has to suffer for it, the rest of the world will too. A  mistake like that could cost the world uncountable amounts of damage, maybe even cause world war 3. 

Hows that for food for thought….

Posted: Wed January 18th, 2012 at 1:22pm
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